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Hearing Nelson Lunding sing and play the piano one would be surprised to find that he was not raised in the South. At the age of six he began playing piano and by ten years old had discovered the sounds of blues. >From this point on Nelson has been infected with the blues listening and learning from any recording he could get his hands on. Running out of musical outlets and attracted to its reputation he moved to New Orleans in 1991. The unique style of New Orleans has profoundly effected Nelson's music, playing a large role in his development into a bluesman. It is rare for a young man to have such a deep grasp of such an old tradition of music.

Nelson Lunding plays a rocking, muscular piano propelled by a driving left hand. It is a gripping kinetic music that demands to be danced to. He is a carrier of an age-old tradition playing music reminiscent of the Juke Joints of steel mills and plantations that existed in the early 1900's. It is a deep and lowdown sound seldom heard today. Equally as commanding as his piano expertise is Nelson's voice. He sings with a striking intensity and sincerity that is remarkably soulful. His voice is full bodied, rough and raspy. Nelson Lunding's voice has often been compared to that of Howling Wolf, Mercee Dee Walton and Joe Cocker. In his music you can hear echo's of the many great bluesmen to pass before him.

Three years ago Nelson put together BLUES IN THE POCKET and today is an established bandleader. Behind him on stage is a hometown band comprised of seasoned veterans of Blues and New Orleans Music. The core lineup of piano, bass, drums, saxophone and guitar lends itself to BLUES IN THE POCKET's distinct New Orleans Sound. The band offers a refreshing new edge on blues while remaining true to its roots. Nelson's music has been featured on Louisiana Red Hot Records compilation Blues: The Language of New Orleans and his first CD "Whiskey & a Beer To Go" will be released in April.


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